Synchronicity Strikes Again

I am gearing up for taking my Therapy business Full Time and the Universe is helping me along. The first thing I found this week was an old Vision Board saying I would be leaving my day job in October 2018. It was not really wrong as I’m leaving it in November 2018! In my head though I was  going to be there for another 2 years.

Also the Company I distribute the Sun Ancon Chi machines from changed their way of working and I now have to buy wholesale and then deliver to clients. I wondered how I would get the money up front to do this and the Universe has provided it. I have also longed to take it to busy stressful offices to give staff some relief as I have done in my own office in the past. I will now be able to do this in the new year. If you know of any offices in Edinburgh who have space for 3 people to lie down who may be up for this then please get in touch with me.

I then wanted something added to my website but as it is a few years old it did not want to play ball. I was introduced to a web designer who will not only sort this but do a lot more, including enabling me to sell my meditation videos from the site as well as making it mobile friendly. So many people these days search online through their mobiles.

I have so many things I want done in my house and I will have the time to get these done too as well as spending more time doing the things I want to do. So although it was a shock to find myself deciding to leave work, now I am excited that it’s just around the corner.

For anyone in the Edinburgh area I have opened up therapy availability until I go full time so get in touch if you want to try Reiki, Crystals or The Thermotherapy equipment that uses Infrared red rays which can go deep into the skin to help with pain. I also have a special offer of 4 sessions of reiki for the price of 3 to be used by the end of the year. You can even share with friends.
UK Reiki Federation Master /Teacher