Synchronicity – The Universe Is Listening to you!

I love how synchronicy works. I just had a long conversation with a friend and heard about all the synchronistic things that were happening to her. I have had a few of my own recently including yesterday. I have a complaint open regarding an account I have. As the person persisted on calling me when I was at work and never emailing me again I thought I would get in touch with her. I went through my work internet to access my home email as she had emailed there once before but I found it blocked.  Can you believe they even block my website as it is Spiritual! I then went into my account on line and found I could not remember the password as at home it automatically connects. Thinking I would have to wait until I got home to email her I gave up at that time. Not 10 mins later who should email me at my work email but the complaint handler! I had given it to her but it was the first time she had used it. I had just been thinking surely she knows to contact me through my work email lol.

Last week I went on a weekend away with a group I am a member of, and found I had a change of room share person. The person I ended up sharing with was someone I had trained in reiki years ago and never even knew she was a member of the same group. Conversations we had showed that we had been meant to meet up and we were able to have really good discussions.

Synchronicity is all around us. We only have to open our eyes and thoughts to it. Someone I know has recently written a book and she is a medium.  I thought as I had no leanings in that direction that it would not be for me but recently I wondered if I should get it. It kept coming back in my mind to price. Why would I pay for something I may not end up reading? Well today she posted that it is available cheap on Kindle so I downloaded it for £1.66 and have to say how glad I am to have done so. If you have been bereaved and are struggling it is also a good book to read. The forward is written by Dr David  Hamilton who has written many great informative books. If you want to check it out here is the link for Lauren Robertson’s book Medium In Manolos.

Check out my website if you are interested in learning reiki. I have a course for level 2 in March and Level 1 in April.

Joy Fraser
Usui Reiki Master / Teacher