The waiting will soon be over

After reading my last blog I thought I would update you all. After seeing all the dogs from the rescue go to reserved and thinking it may take quite a while to get one to fit my requirements I decided to also look elsewhere. I went to the local cat and dog home and was not surprised to see it full of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and mixes of the same. What a change from the last time I visited a few years ago. Then you had a large selection of different breeds but now almost all dogs were from the same breed. It made me wonder what had gone on in all their lives that they now found themselves in a rescue home. The rescue home were also campaigning to let people know these were a gentle family breed after all the bad press they had received.

Many of them though could not be with cats, men, other dogs etc and I thought that maybe I should go for a puppy so that I could socialise it correctly with everything. That night I decided to look on a website before I went to bed and saw an advert for puppies which would be ready in 2 weeks so I emailed and asked if I could have 2! The person responded that only one was left but when I went to visit the next evening she had decided not to keep one herself so I got to pick 2. Now I am on countdown till the 14th  March when they come home with me.

I had forgotten how much I needed to buy and that I would need to puppy proof the gardens so guess what I’m doing this weekend? I had given away all things related to my last dog Misty so have needed to buy a new bed, toys, cage etc but I know it will all be worth it when they arrive.

When I booked them in with the Vets I was asked their names so they went in the appointment book as Puppy 1 and Puppy 2. I was going to wait till they arrive to name them but a couple of days ago I spent some time going through dogs names websites so see if anything gelled with me. I love Crystals,  Synchronicity, reiki and thought I might find a name to suit them. The male was easy so I have named him Merlin. The female was a lot harder but I have named her Willow. One coincidence was after I had chosen the male dogs name I got out my crystal bible. Guess on which page I had a piece of paper as a marker? It was against Merlinite!

I will keep you updated with their progress when they arrive. That’s of course if I’m not too busy playing with them. I’m going to share the pictures of them that first caught my attention but please don’t ask if they are mine as couldn’t tell you lol.  I think the one at the front in the picture just above here is mine. Even after I had chosen my pups I was getting confused with them when they were on the floor. It was only when I picked them up I knew which ones were mine. These photo’s look much better than the ones I took as they would not sit still for me.

The one thing I will do ( if they let me) is get them used to Reiki. My last dog only accepted it from me when I reached the Master level and it came in very useful for her. I am hoping these two little ones allow it to be part of their lives too. So I advise anyone coming for any reiki workshops that there will be two fluffy bundles of fun wanting to join in.