Time out for me

I am in one of the most lovely places for a holiday. Surrounded by beautiful plants and orange and lemon trees.I think it is a perfect place to have meditation retreats as all you can hear are the Chickadee birds. Reiki is never far from my life as even here I will be attuning someone to the energy and it’s the perfect place to do it. I love the fact that reiki is with me always and I can share it so easily.

Everyone needs time out for themselves and this is mine although I will also be doing a little light work here. It’s wonderful that even when it’s windy it is still warm, unlike my home as I live a few minutes from the sea in Scotland.

Part of my holiday is being spent learning more about using the internet to promote my products and after only 1 day I am on a roll. Staying with someone who has used the internet for many years in her businesses is great but even so we are both learning more together. The difficulty with online marketing is how fast things change. Google particularly is changing how people have used the web for years and if you don’t keep updated then your business will lose out.

The latest kid on the block is Pinterest and it has only been through the last few weeks that I have been becoming aware of how much this can help to promote your business so that it one of my tasks this week. Kindle has also seen a massive increase in people reading that way rather than buying books. I have to admit I am hooked on kindle and have read more in the last few months than I have in years.

This is only part of my holiday though. I am here to enjoy the sun, see the wonderful views and have a visit to a local mountain where crystals have been found planned in too as well as lots of other things.

The only thing I am missing is my sun Ancon chi machine. It took me approx 7 hours to get here which included waiting in the hard chairs at the airport, then in the airoplane,followed by another wait at an airport and then a 1 hr 40 min shuttle ride. I know if I had brought my chi machine with me that as soon as I had got to my destination and used it my back would have been fine. Instead it’s just going to take a little longer. Next time I will pay the extra freight charges!

When I return I will be hosting a reiki level 1 workshop on Friday 28th September 2012. so if you want to book on this or would like any information for the Chi machine you can contact me through my website at www.peaceharmonyandjoy.co.uk

I’m going to sign off now as the sun is calling and so is the swimming pool.