Weight loss for Dummies – that includes me!

I decided this week to treat myself to a workshop with a lot of life coaching and hypnotherapy included. It was to set me on my path to lose weight. It was run by Gillian who I would highly recommend. She can be found here.

It’s interesting what you learn about yourselves on this course. I think we all had a light bulb moment. Synchronicity also works in mysterious ways as for a while I have been considering changing my foods to plant based. I kept seeing a website for delivery which I thought was a good idea to get started but had not signed up. Tonight I received an email from the site Fork over Knives. It directed me to watch a very inspiring film about losing weight on the plant based diet- here. I was then shown a voucher on line for money off Allplants which is the website I kept considering using. Talk about synchronicity moving forwards. Tonight I was also accepted to try out another thing. I will tell you more about it later.

I love how when you put it out there that things start to happen. I will also be increasing my exercise so will put it out there that I have to periodically update you on how I’m doing. What changes are you going to make?

 I will give you a laugh about synchronicity again. I went on the web to get a photo to add to the blog and the first photo it showed me was a Dragon.  Anyone that has heard me speaking about Dragons over the last few weeks will understand.

Joy Fraser
Usui Reiki Teacher