When Is a Sale, Not a Sale?

Today I want to talk about something that has been bothering me recently. When is a sale, not a sale? In days gone by there would be a couple of sales a year. Just after Christmas and in the Summer, people would flock to the shops for some good bargains. Now, I seem to get bombarded with sales that have limited time remaining. As soon as that time is over, I get another email with an identical sale. For instance, I am going on a cruise later this year. I got an email offering 30% off a drinks package if I book it now. I have had the same email about ten times. Many online stores tell you that there is a sale ending in 2 days. After that, they give it another name and there is a sale on again. Other times it may be 30% off one week, 20% the next and 30% the third!

What does this say about the stores? Are they struggling now to sell goods at the normal price? I certainly object now if I pay the normal price for anything. I know if I wait, the sale will drop the price. Now of course I could miss out on something if it sells out before the price drops. I just decide that it was not meant for me to wear and then choose something out of the sale.

I’ll give you a laugh. I took a break from writing and checked Facebook. What was the first thing I saw? A sale from my usual online store!

I can understand if there is an extra reason for a sale, such as a business closing, but is it a good way to do business? Let me know your thoughts.

Of course we will still look forward to those special once or twice a year sales from our preferred suppliers. Also when new business start out there are often special offers which is good. That’s the way for the business to get their names out there.