You Too Can Be Happier By Helping Others

I saw something the other evening which amazed me. I was visiting my local park and saw 3 sets of ducklings. They were in the water with a group of ducks and swans being fed by someone. As is usual in this scenario the seagulls were fighting to get to the bread before the other birds. Seagulls are very strong and usually succeed. For some reason I am not enamoured with these birds, probably because I always look out for the underdogs. Many times also the ducklings do not stay alive due to the seagulls and often you can see a brood depleting day by day which saddens me.

This is when I saw something I had never seen before. First one of the ducks went for a seagull, trying to chase it away. This continued for about a minute then a coot joined in. What was interesting is there were no baby coots but it still decided to help its friends. To see both the duck and the coot biting into the seagull as well as chasing it away I was curious to see what would happen. The seagull actually limped away before stopping to tend to its feathers. When I looked up the last of the seagulls were flying away and there were none left in the water!

It reminded me that it’s great to be able to do something for yourself but you should always accept the help if it is offered. Sometimes two can complete a job much faster than one and be more effective. It can also work the other way too. If you ever see someone struggling with anything, ask them if they need any help with the problem. Today I was told I had done my good deed for the day by explaining how the trolley bank worked at the local supermarket. It can sometimes take just a couple of minutes out of your day to help someone in need.

 I often get told by customers in my day job that I sound happy when I answer the phone and get asked why?  My answer is it’s a beautiful world to be part of and there is always something good I can see in each day. Sometimes I get told by the same customers that I have made their day. Just by taking an extra few minutes to chat to them about their day can break their solitude. Remember this when you interact with people. It may be that you are the first person to acknowledge them that day with a few words and it can make such a difference to them.

Don’t forget that when you think of other people it can have a ripple effect. A person you have just helped might feel so much better about themselves that they may then Pay it Forward and help someone else in need. You will also find that the more you help other people, the happier you will become. Don’t believe me? Try it and see as it really works.

Sometimes all you need to do is SMILE to make a difference to someone’s day. Have a wonderful day people wherever you are in the world and thank you for reading my blogs.