Reiki Attunement in East Lothian

To learn Reiki an Attunement takes place by a Reiki Master. PPE equipment shall be supplied.

Reiki Level One Attunement:- Level one introduces you to the world of Reiki and allows you to then practise on yourself and friends. This is a very subtle energy. It teaches you the history of Reiki and how to ground and protect yourself. You will also be taught hand positions for treating someone on both a couch and in a seated position. You will be individually Attuned and then get the chance to practise on someone. This is done as a small one day workshop with follow up 4 weeks later. Many people find this is what they have been looking for. Homework to be done before certificate is given.

reiki hand

Reiki Level Two Attunement:- The second level (to be taken a minimum of 3 months after level one) attunes you to three symbols to enable the energy to be stronger and enable you to send it over distance. You will learn how to send a treatment over distance and to practise Hands On time. After level Two you may become a Practitioner to use Reiki in business. This is done as a two day Workshop with a follow up 4 weeks later. Home work to be done before certificate is given.

Reiki Level Three Attunements:- Level Three and Advanced Reiki (Master/Teacher) training- minimum of nine months after level two-is when you have a further two Attunements after which you will be able to use more symbols and learn to attune individuals yourself.

You will be taught about Crystal Grids and have plenty time to give and receive as much Reiki as needed. This is usually done as a residential weekend. Taking on Reiki Three is a big commitment. Go with your intuition in deciding how far to travel along this path.

You will find that if you go down any of these levels then you are making a commitment to change your life for the better. Once Attuned the Energy is there with you always. This is a great spiritual journey that you have started on. Enjoy the different stages and do not try to rush through. You will be learning more about yourself and the Energies at each stage. Many people find only doing level one or two is enough for them. May I suggest you only take level 3 if you are ready to make Reiki your life.

My Reiki Workshops are small or individual. I will never cancel due to low numbers.



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