Crystal Therapy in East Lothian

crystal healing EdinburghI am a Melody Crystal Practitioner so can enable you to help yourself, with the use of Crystals. The application of Crystals upon and around the body can alert you to problem areas when you are out of balance. As the Crystals all vibrate at different levels they work in tune with the energy points of your body and can help you deal with emotional and health issues as they interact with the body’s vibrations. Often, answers to problems you have been struggling with can be found during the laying on of the stones.

Crystal healing can help with all sorts of problems – whether they are emotional or physical. By placing crystals on the blocked chakras (energy points) they can help alleviate symptomatic problems such as headaches, tiredness, depression, pain and many other symptoms. Crystals are also very effective for emotional stress and in helping to lift negativity.

Crystals have different properties and can be used in many ways to help you move forward in life. You can sleep with them under your pillow or around your bed, keep them in your pocket, wear them as jewellery or position them on parts of the body. These are just a few suggestions.

For this Therapy the client lies fully clothed on a therapy couch. As Reiki and Crystals both use energy I can use the two together if any clients wish.

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