Come and enjoy my new warm, relaxing and rejuvenating Thermotherapy experience. The combination of the Hot House Infrared Therapy Dome, The Soqi Far Infrared Heating pad and the Sun Ancon Chi machine will make you feel totally relaxed. Each helps in different ways but all 3 together is an experience.

The SOQI  Far Infrared Heating Pad uses heat and Infrared rays to promote circulation and provide relaxation. The heat is gentle and soothing and works well for a variety of aches and tensions. The heating pad ranges in temperature from 113 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Its heat therapy is very effective for physiotherapy, for providing temporary relief from tired muscles, from sports injuries, and for over exercising. For physiotherapy, it is best to use the Heating Pad at 131 degrees Fahrenheit when you are wanting results that provide a deeper heat penetration, which can further promote circulation, relieve aches, and relaxation.

Heat Therapy may help with:
– Muscular aches and minor strains
– Back pain
– Reducing stress and fatigue
– Providing relaxation


What does Far Infrared do?
The list of benefits is extensive beyond simply warming the body and relaxation. Benefits include, increased circulation, relief from pain, swelling and inflammation, accelerated healing, toxin elimination and much more.

Far Infrared dry heat means you can remain clothed:
There is minimal to zero sweating so you can leave your clothes on or wear loose clothing for comfortability. Traditional saunas heat up the air around you to a very high temperature creating ‘wet’ heat causing the body to sweat profusely, whereas the Far Infrared sauna dome heat emits a gentle controlled far infrared ‘dry’ heat. Minimal to zero sweating occurs (unlike traditional saunas), so toxins are eliminated via urine and faeces.

What is it?

Far Infrared Ray (FIR):
Far Infrared Ray is natures heat energy – naturally found in the sun and every living thing – that benefits and maintains our health on many levels. Without far infrared heat life on earth cannot thrive or survive.

FIR Thermal Therapy:
As the body receives the FIR heat waves, relaxation sets in, physical discomfort and pain is relieved, amongst many other health benefits. It’s a similar physical experience to sitting in the sunshine on a warm, sunny day, but minus the harmful ultra violet waves. The perceived temperature is subtle and comforting.

Add to this THE SUN ANCON CHI MACHINE which has a page all to itself and gives you more energy, relaxes you, reduces pain and so much more and you can see that this will be a wonderful experience.

If required, any of these can be used individually and the Heat Pad can also be  used  with reiki.

Here’s what 1 client had to say about their experience “I recently tried the hothouse and heat/infrared pad for a very painful hip. I had an hour treatment and it was almost miraculous! From not being able to sit or stand without pain, I was totally pain free! I can thoroughly recommend this treatment.”

****The Hot House does have some contraindications and should not be used if any of the following apply to you.****

– If you have a Pacemaker
– If you suffer from itchy skin when you sunbathe
– If you have a Brain disorder
– If you are allergic to light( Photosensitive)
– You have high blood pressure
– You are wearing a bandage over an injury
– You have a serious Heart condition

Here is a little video of my new Thermotherapy experience: