I have just completed Reiki Level 1 with Joy, and to say this has been one of the best things I’ve ever done, is an understatement.
Eileen Thomson

I was a little apprehensive as I didn’t know what to expect but I found Joy to be down to earth, bubbly, friendly and very welcoming. She was organised, thorough, explained the history of reiki, her personal journey with reiki and was patient when I asked lots of questions. I also liked that there was only a few people in the class, allowing plenty of time for discussions, explanations, and practice. It is very obvious Joy loves what she is doing and is keen to pass this on to other people.
Reiki has changed my life for the better and I will definitely be looking to complete Reiki level 2 with Joy sometime in the future.
Lorraine Fiander

I can highly recommend Joy’s distance Reiki as I have been sent it several times and it has been as powerful and healing as it is in person. The best bit for me was, I didn’t then have to get up and travel home – I could just relax and let the Reiki do its work while I was in the comfort of my own home – double bonus!

I’m loving the feedback on my new book The Power of Reiki, Crystals and Synchronicity. These reviews are taken from Amazon:

“If you don’t know anything about Reiki or are a Reiki Student, then this is the book you want to read. A joy to read from cover to cover, explained beautifully, how Reiki energy works as it becomes part of your everyday life and how you can apply it to all situations, including the past and present. Anyone can be attuned to Reiki, at any age. My journey along this path has just started, thank you Joy.

I really love this book. It’s written in gentle, often humorous, easy to read language, assuming no previous knowledge. There is no need to be on a higher spiritual plane, which is so often the case with book about energy; this is a down to earth book that guides the reader through the start of a reiki practice and other things that can happen along the way. If you are starting the journey I thoroughly recommend it, if you’re further down the path it’s a lovely reminisce about things that you to may have encountered.
Joy is a fantastic teacher and generous reiki master, always giving much of herself to help everyone. This is her first book, but won’t be her last!

I really enjoyed reading this book I’m due to do my Reiki 1 with Joy soon so this was nice introduction.
Thanks Joy
Claire Thomson

After having a wonderful experience being trained a few years ago in level 1 and 2 Reiki with Joy, fate told me it was time to reconnect and experience Joy’s new Thermotherapy. I suffer from muscle pain and heavy feeling legs. After the treatment my legs felt a lot better and not as heavy. The heat felt wonderful on my back and the whole session was very relaxing. I truly recommend Joy and her furry companions for a truly relaxing and brilliant therapy experience.
Roni Hyslop

I can thoroughly recommend the services at Peace, Harmony & Joy. Whether you are looking to learn Reiki yourself or just enjoy a peaceful hour out of this busy world you won’t be disappointed! I have completed both Level One & Two in Reiki with Joy and enjoy regular visits to receive Reiki or spend time in her hot house or on the Chi machine to help with symptoms of my MS.
The treatments are a wonderful non invasive way to help my condition while having peaceful much needed “Me” time.
Joy’s friendly, relaxed and flexible working hours mean we can all enjoy Peace, Harmony and Joy in our lives at a time to suit our busy schedules!
Debbie Sztor

Just got my Level 1 certificate with Joy. Highly recommend!! Joy explained everything during and after the course thoroughly but easy to understand for the novice that I am, which made the experience extremely rewarding. Looking forward to continuing my reiki journey and seeing where it takes me.
Stephanie Johnstone

I visited Joy today as my pain levels have been a lot worse recently. I used the thermotherapy machine and mat today and while I was under, my pain dramatically reduced and has felt so much better through out the rest of the day. I also got my puppy cuddles in with Willow and Merlin which always makes me feel better.
Magdalena Werecka

I have spent lovely afternoon with Joy Fraser doing therapy exchange. Joy has introduced me to Thermotherapy – I was wrapped in heat pads, feeling the lovely warmth spreading over my lower back and my belly. Blissful experience! You are in professional and caring hands when booking any therapies with Peace Harmony and Joy.
Lindsay MacGegor Inglis

I love being in Joys’ company because she is exactly the same all the time. She is friendly, smiling and positive to be around. I would recommend any therapies that Joy gives due to her passion to help others.
Francis Keddie

Joy is one of the nicest person i have ever met. Well worth going and checking out what she does.
Julie Neilson

Joy is a genuinely lovely person who has opened up a new world to me with her Reiki Level 1 training. Whether you’re thinking of delving right in or just dipping a toe into the world of Reiki, I thoroughly recommend you visit Joy Fraser for her patience, humour and kindness, not to mention her incredible skills! Thank you Joy! Jx
Delia Harvey

I have had crystal healing session. I felt so relaxed and cleansed after.
I have also had thermotherapy with joy. I suffer from pain in my shoulder after a torn ligament many years ago and between the hot house dome and the infra red heat pad I felt no pain for the first time in a long while.
Through out the sessions Joy was professional and talked through everything with me. I had added bonus of doggy cuddles with Willow and Merlin. Highly recommended

I received 2 reviews from Annalisa both on Google and Facebook so I have combined them here.

I sat my Reiki 2 with Joy and it was a wonderful experience. Joy was very kind and patient, there were two of us, which was a perfect balance. It felt like 1-1 attention was given to each of us and it felt the weekend just flew by in no time at all. I certainly left much more confident than when I started my journey and look forward to working with Joy in the future. We had a great last day working hands on with clients and also distance work, Joy was very encouraging with positive comments and would have no hesitation to work with Joy to the next level. I would highly recommend Joy for anyone wishing to embark on their Reiki journey.. they would be in very good hands.?

Thank you Joy, it was a wonderful experience sitting Level 2 Reiki with you, and I would happily recommend Joy to anyone wishing to learn Reiki. Joy also makes personal meditation videos both for adults and children, these are just brilliant, I love them. Very relaxing and customised for each person. Joy is exactly as her name … pure genuine Joy!??

Lorraine Fiander
I have undertaken both Reiki 1 and 2 courses with Joy. Both courses were professionally run, the space was restful and conducive to learning, the learning materials provided were very useful and the food provided for lunch was delicious! The other people that I did the courses with were also lovely, I thoroughly enjoyed both courses, even though I was doubtful about my abilities to complete Reiki 2. Joy was so encouraging and made me feel so at ease that I put aside my doubts and really enjoyed it. Time just rushed by, and I couldn’t believe that we had come to the end of the day! I would thoroughly recommend doing a Reiki course with Joy or having a Reiki treatment with her. She is such a lovely, warm and kind person and puts you so much at ease that it’s a joy to be treated or taught by her (pun intended!).

Lorraine gave this review too!
The wonderful Far Infra red Dome Sauna and heat pad! I initially tried this at Joy’s suggestion, as I have a problem with my hips that flares up from time to time. At the time it felt very pleasant and relaxing, but I couldn’t imagine that it was doing very much to help. That night I had the first whole night sleep I have had for almost a year. My hips didn’t seize up as they normally do when I totally relax and I woke up in the morning to painless hips and feeling like I had been on holiday! A really worthwhile treatment – gentle, relaxing and it works for me!

Laura Raveggi
It was a beautiful, heart warming experience to meet Joy and to do Reiki level one training with her patient and open minded (and mind-opening) guide. I’m very grateful for finding you just at the right time.

Victor Vass
I did my reiki level 1 and 2 with Joy. She is very kind, patient and thorough and a great teacher! Highly recommended.

Angela Peterson
Reiki level one training. Excellent day. Grateful to have much more understanding. Thank you for your professional manner and for making it all feel absolutely right.

I have just received this lovely review of the Sun Ancon chi machine. If you think it could help you please get in touch with me. Thank you Lorraine.

Hi lovely – I’ve been unable to sleep properly for days as I have the most hideous pain in my hip (due to lupus arthralgia) and was at my wits’ end. Then I remembered my chi machine and after a 5 minute session on it, the pain literally went away and I’ve just slept for 2 solid hours on my reclining sofa! What an amazing machine! I won’t forget again.
Natalie Taylor

Hi Joy thanks so very much for a fantastic weekend!! Loved every second of it. Still in disbelief I have actually done it but sure it will sink in over the coming days/weeks. You have been such an inspiration and I appreciate and thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to learn Reiki. Also to learn the sacred levels of master/teacher!! Looking forward to what it brings in the future and the present of course as it is already working . Thank you!! I just can’t thank you enough. have a lovely few days off and enjoy some sun with those gorgeous little dogs.

I just had my level 1 Reiki attunement last Sunday, the experience was phenomenal! Joy was lovely and explained everything very well. Thank you for the teaching!
Chloe Higdon

I did my level 1 Reiki course with Joy and absolutely loved it. She is so friendly and hospitable, patient and knowledgeable. My experience couldn’t have gone better. She is very kind and I am so grateful for her teachings! I highly recommend this course. Thank YOU Joy.

I have to say a big thank you to Joy for the great experience on the Reiki Workshop Level 1. It was more than I was expecting in a workshop (miles away) .She is very kind, professional and her hospitality to me made me feel very comfortable I enjoyed a lot the way she teaches.
It was a gift to find her in my journey learning Reiki. Also I have to say a big thank you as well to Roni. Thank you so so much, I really appreciated it.
Pat Robertson

Thank you so much for training me in my Reiki Level 2. I really enjoyed it. I would just like to say you are a lovely lady and a fantastic teacher. I know that if I ever need to speak to you, you are just a phone call away.
Sarah Baeshin

Since Reiki level 1 Workshop, I have become happier and more relaxed person. I now have the ability to get rid of headaches and alleviate knee and middle back pain. Now I don’t give others a chance to make me feel frustrated or angry anymore. And Joy has a wonderful personality. She’s patient and has high sense of humour. I believe she has great ability to teach Reiki in an easy and fun way.
Clare Martin

Thank you Joy for inspiring me to bring Reiki into my everyday life. You are a gifted teacher with an infectious smile and I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful workshop. I am only at the beginning of my Reiki journey but already blown away by my experience so far. THANK YOU!
Chris Neill

Thank you very much Joy, for your inspiring introduction to Reiki. As someone with a mainstream medical background, I was initially a little sceptical about Reiki and its effects on the body and mind. Having now completed Levels 1 and 2 under your enthusiastic guidance, I am a complete convert and have been amazed to experience the positive sensation in the palms of my hands. It is so lovely to be able to connect with, and help others, humans or animals, with an energy which is entirely natural and that we all have the ability to harness….
In an increasingly electronically-led, push button world, the wonderful phenomenon of Reiki is a very welcome, gentle, yet powerful force of nature, available to us all. Wow!!!
Thank you Joy for your patience, warmth and inspiration at the beginning of my exciting journey.
Beata Dziamecka

BIG THANK YOU for a fantastic workshop and outstanding experiences and we are lucky to have a great teacher.
Lisa W.

I’ve just completed my Reiki 2 training with Joy. She is a wonderful teacher with bucketloads of patience, warmth and humour. Joy makes clear that she will always be there to support her students ‘post-attunement’ which is so important in reiki. So thank you Joy – I look forward to sharing reiki with others.
Roni Hyslop- Director of All Wrapped Up Events Management Ltd

Just wanted to stop by to thank Joy for introducing me to the wonderful world of Reiki! Regular visits to Joy has given me, (a busy single mum, running her own business), the chance to regain my inner peace, restore my focus that had gone AWOL and decrease what I am sure everyone can relate to in our busy lives….the monkey chatter that goes on in my head on a daily basis!! Joy also introduced me to the Chi machine, which I can thoroughly recommend! Just a few minutes on the machine offers relief to many of the symptoms I suffer with MS. I am now looking forward to training with Joy in January for my Reiki Level One! Thanks again. xx
Delia Harvey

Had a very amazing session with joy! Felt so relaxed and balanced after! The chi machine session worked wonders on me! I have suffered from back problems and felt relief for first time in years.
Moray Johnstone

Peace Harmony And Joy is fantastic I recently was attuned to reiki and it was a very professional session. I have also had use of one of the chi machines and it helps very well with my back pain I get from my job as a gardener, so that I can go out to work without pain killers the day after using the machine. I could not recommend the services enough.
C. Thompson-Reiki

Joy has trained me in Level 1 and 2 Reiki with great results. She is a very patient teacher and the Reiki has given me more energy which helps as I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ( M.E). Joy tailored the day around me to make sure I was able to cope.
Diane Smail-Chi Machine

Joy kindly gave me a loan of the ‘Sun Ancon Chi machine’. I suffer from M.E and by using this machine I had more energy, felt more relaxed and I had less pain in my joints and muscles. I also had a more restful sleep. If I could afford ‘The Chi machine’ I’d have bought one. It really is amazing!…
Katrina W.-Reiki

Joy is a beautiful person. I had the pleasure of being attuned to Reiki Level 1 with her. She is a wonderful teacher – very supportive and helpful. She’s also a very uplifting person to be around as she is so positive, calming and loving. She has the perfect attitude and personality for practicing energy healing in any form and is excellent at her job.
Lorraine F.-Reiki

I have received Reiki frequently from Joy and have found it to be very helpful. She is the ideal person to receive this from as she is so grounded, calm and caring – exactly the sort of person you would want to talk to about emotional or physical problems. I have also received crystal therapy which has been of immense help. I cannot think of anyone who I would rather see for Reiki or Crystal therapy and will soon be having a demonstration of the Chi machine too.
A testimonial from Joelle an M.E. sufferer on the Chi machine.

Joy thanks for letting me use this magic machine, if anyone is interested in removing aches and pains this is the thing. (joy has not paid me to say this!) I can imagine why people would be wary anything this simple could do anything dramatic without drugs or manipulation . I wish I had had access to it sooner. forgotten how it could feel to have no sore places in my body!