You will now be able to find me in Ormiston, East lothian, which is just 14 miles from Edinburgh. As I have clients from East Lothian, West lothian, Fife and Edinburgh, I am sure I will be just as busy.
My  website is now updated with Workshop dates.
For those that are unable to travel from Edinburgh, I wish to thank you all for the time you have been clients with me.


If you wish to arrange a Treatment or be attuned to Reiki at any level please email  for details of my workshops.  You can also text me on 07946027929.

Please email or call first to book a day/time for the therapy of your choice, then come back to this page to make your payment.

Reiki Session (45-60 mins)

Far Infrared heating pad and Reiki

Crystal Therapy

Chi Machine - 20 Mins

This may vary dependant on health conditions. This includes consultation on how long is a suitable time for you.


New Thermotherapy experience

This includes the Soqi Hothouse and Heat pad and if required the Sun Ancon Chi machine!


Please note: Reiki and Crystals together attract no extra charge.

Please note, price increase is due to me supplying PPE for these courses.

Level One Workshop………£160- 1day  

Level Two Workshop………£260(Practitioner) – 2 days

Level Three Workshop………On Request.


Level One Workshop One to One £210 1 day

Level Two One to One ….£360 ( Practitioner) – 2 days





Gift Vouchers are available for ALL THERAPIES. Why not treat someone special to a workshop to learn how to give reiki to themselves and others. Alternatively, treat them to an hour’s time out, just for themselves.


Coming soon


I am now making personal meditation videos for Adults and Children. These will have the person’s name in the meditation and can be about subjects such as self love, gratitude and helping children go on a magigal tour to help with either worries or getting off to sleep. The cost for this will be £15 for approximately 10 minute meditation and can be turned around in 48 hours. Great for a Childrens present. You will need to contact me to give me information.

APPOINTMENTS are available 10am till 8pm weekdays, Saturdays 11pm till 4pm and Sundays 11am till 4pm.


Any information gathered is for my information only. If you come for a therapy session or to learn reiki, I will keep your records for 7 years. This would only be shared with the UK Reiki Federation at the request of a client. If you are on my Newsletter list this will never be shared with any third party.

I also commit  to never having clients back to back. There is nothing worse than being pushed out the door for another client when you are relaxed or may have questions.