REIKI LEVEL ONE WORKSHOP -**** Postponed. Will be rearranged once Lock down is over.*****

Saturday 18th April 2020 from 10.30am to 4.30 pm.

**This will be the last one held in Edinburgh!*** In the summer I will be moving to East Lothian.

It’s time to look after YOU! Start the new decade by making a change in your life!

Reiki is an Energy therapy which originates from Japan. It can be used for deep relaxation and can help relieve stress or illness. It can make you feel more positive and instill in you the joy of life.

Level One introduces you to the wonderful world of Reiki. This is a very subtle energy which knows no bounds. After training you will be able to help yourself on many levels and also your friends and family.

You will learn the history of Reiki and how to ground and protect yourself. You will also be taught the hand positions for treating someone on both a Therapy table and in a seated position. Each person will be individually Attuned to the Reiki energy and then get the chance to practice on at least one other person.

Reiki can help us by encouraging relaxation and bringing our lives back into balance. It is a gentle Energy which is open to all. Once you open up to it there will be no stopping you from making improvements in your life.

This will be a small one day workshop with follow up 4 weeks later. Manual and lunch is included. Many people find this is what they have been looking for. Homework to be done before certificate is given.

If you wish to join me on this special day please contact me. I look forward to meeting you.

A non returnable deposit of £75 will be required to book your space.

If you would like a group of friends to be trained together this can also be arranged.

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 Monday 9th March and Tuesday 10th March.

10.30am -4.30pm both days

Imagine being able to send the reiki energy to friends, family and situations all around the world. You will also learn how to send energy into both the past and future. This really is a way to help you change your life.

Are you ready for the next journey? Learn how to send Reiki over distance and time increasing your intuition at the same time. If you wish to become a Practitioner this is the course for you. You may of course choose this to use just for yourself or family and friends.

Have you ever wanted to send healing to your past or help someone that is not with you in person at this time? They may be at the other side of the world but you can send them reiki if you wish after this course. The reiki energy knows no boundaries.

You will learn 3 symbols to help you increase your knowledge in the way that you can help both yourself and others and also enable you to send distantly.

We will recap level one and also go over what legal requirements you need to have if you wish to go into Business. After Attunement you will practice both hands on and distance treatments.

Minimum of 3 months required between level one and 2. If I have not trained you I will wish to see your certificate.

Lunch and manual are included. Follow up will be 12 weeks later when your Certificate will be given after homework is completed.

If you wish to join me on this special day please contact me. A non returnable deposit of £125 will be required to book your space. I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey.

For more information or if you have any questions you can contact me either by phone or email. Details are on my contact page.

This will be a small workshop with no more than 8 people.

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Here is a small meditation to set you on your way