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                               Main features to the Chi machine

Full Body Exercise With No Side Effects: The Chi machine provides a workout for your body regardless of age, sex, place of use or climate conditions.


Just Lie Down To Use it:There Is No Pressure Or Stress Involved: The Chi Machine workout is done while lying down with no pressure or tension applied to any part of your body.


No Injury: Massage / exercise in the lying position insures no possible injury. Heart beat and blood pressure do not increase.

Simple, Comfortable and Easy to Develop a Regular Exercise Habit: The simplicity of use and portability of the Chi Machine offers a convenient way for busy people to cultivate a vital exercise habit



                                 In A Nutshell

The Chi Machine is of benefit to all ages from Four year upwards to improve and maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit. It ensures the body receives an increased amount of oxygen to bring about the correct functioning of the body organs which may have been damaged by illness or stress.




15 minutes of massage on 'The Chi Machine' is equivalent to approximately 90 minutes of walking exercise in terms of oxygenation of the blood.

The 'Chi Machine' is extremely valuable to those who through age or physical limitations are unable to exercise.



                 - Health - Mobility - Vitality -




Chi Machine