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Here are a few testimonials about the Sun Ancon chi machine.

Diane Smail- M.E
Joy kindly gave me a loan of the 'Sun Ancon Chi machine'. I suffer from M.E and by using this machine I had more energy,felt more relaxed and I ad less pain in my joints and muscle's. I also had a more restful sleep. If I could afford 'The Chi machine' I'd have bought one. It really is amazing!........


Moray Johnstone- Back pain
I have also had use of one of the chi machines and it helps very well with my back pain I get from my job as a landscape gardener, so much so that I can go out to work without pain killers the day after using the machine. I could not recommend the services enough.


A testimonial from Joelle an M.E. sufferer on the Chi machine.
Joy thanks for letting me use this magic machine, if anyone is interested in removing aches and pains this is the thing. (joy has not paid me to say this!) I can imagine why people would be wary anything this simple could do anything dramatic without drugs or manipulation . I wish I had had access to it sooner. forgotten how it could feel to have no sore places in my body!


Mrs S C Kent, UK- Stiff muscles
As an ex-dancer at the age of 51, my body's beginning to stiffen up a bit. The first thing I noticed about the Chi Machine was that my back, neck and shoulders have become supple again. Now, as a busy primary school teacher, a job that requires a lot of energy, I wouldn’t be without 15 minutes on my machine every morning


V.T. Kent, UK
I had constant pain from a neck and shoulder problem. X-ray results revealed degenerative changes with disc space narrowing and osteophytosis particularly at C6/7, Partial congenital fusion of C2/3. I needed regular osteopathy treatment and was told there was no cure as it was wear and tear. I have had my Chi Machine for 18 months and since then I have not needed to visit my osteopath. I am totally free from pain, also I have stayed free of colds and flu, and my energy levels have improved greatly.


Mr and Mrs G Ward Leicester, UK - Sciatica
For about two years I was in a lot of pain with sciatica down the left side and leg. As I am allergic to codeine and other pain killing medications, all I could have was paracetamol which meant taking them for a short term only because long term use would cause complications and even liver damage.
Both my husband and I use The Chi Machine daily, resulting in a normal life, free from pain and medication - now that can't be a bad thing?

Mrs White- Edinburgh- Lymphodema
The Chi machine has helped me with the fluid retention I have had for years after recieving treatment for Cancer. I have also been able to use it on my arms.

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