As we say farewell to 2022

Recently I had an interview with Sarah from Mystic Mag. You can find the link here. The magazine is full of interesting articles.


As we move towards Christmas and the New Year, I want to thank everyone that has either been through my doors or bought my book during the last 2 years. Although we have hopefully passed the days of Lockdown, there is still so much fear out there. I was recently asked why I had no fear. If you look on my website under the workshop page you will find a video of what I do every morning. This is my answer.


It seems that people are going to be hit financially even more next year. I am certainly finding this when shopping now. I plan to grow even more of my own vegetables this year. When you think a bag of seeds can cost as little as £1 and give hundreds of Tomatoes, a shop will sell you 6 for £1! You don’t even need a garden. You can grow them on your window ledges.



I have 2 ways for you to save money. Until Christmas you can pay for 3 vouchers and get a 4th free. As well as this if you go through SoleScotland, you can also get 20% off your bookings and vouchers till then too.


Energy is a big cost for us all too. I found the answer earlier this year. I changed to Utility Warehouse and became a partner to help others.  Currently Homeowners can get £200 credited to their accounts but this will be gone in a few days. Contact me if this interests you, even if you are in a contract. I can also help you make an extra income into your budget too. I know at this time of year we are mostly busy, but if you want to get a quote now, you can either contact me to chat over Zoom or do it yourself on my link. 


We can go into 2023, either depressed, or looking for change. I know which one I prefer. How about you? Did you know that Reiki helps you become more Positive?