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A New App is Here to Help East Lothian

I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine. It really makes the day brighter. I’m excited to let you all know of a new app that I’m now part of. Its an idea by the Government to bring comunities and businesses together. Its called Sole Scotland. Its starting in East Lothian for now. I […]

Save Money With Utility Warehouse

Finally, my last business is Utility Warehouse. I became involved with Utility Warehouse because I had received a quote for my energy services and the quotation was so good that I switched my broadband, my mobile and my energy. By switching all of these I got a very good price and I decided that the […]

What drew me to Enjo

I said I would blog about all my businesses. Each has had a major impact on my life. Enjo came into mine during lockdown in May 2020. The Government stopped all therapists from working and I was looking for a way to gain some income. Instead I gained something much more important. One of my […]