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Save Money With Utility Warehouse

Finally, my last business is Utility Warehouse. I became involved with Utility Warehouse because I had received a quote for my energy services and the quotation was so good that I switched my broadband, my mobile and my energy. By switching all of these I got a very good price and I decided that the […]

What drew me to Enjo

I said I would blog about all my businesses. Each has had a major impact on my life. Enjo came into mine during lockdown in May 2020. The Government stopped all therapists from working and I was looking for a way to gain some income. Instead I gained something much more important. One of my […]

Christmas Is Coming. Time To Think Outside The Box!

Have you thought of what you are doing for Christmas 2021? Have you started buying gifts yet?  My idea this year is to buy from small businesses. There are so many that have struggled over the last few months. Unfortunately, some may already have gone under, but we can help those still working through this […]