This week from 15th June 2019 till 22nd June 2019 is Reiki Awareness week. What is reiki?  It’s one of the best things that ever came into my life. Before I learned reiki, everything was going wrong in my life. I had a marriage breakup, a leaking roof that no one could fix and had become a single parent. If you have read the Celestine Prophecy you will be aware of the “Poor me”. That was me. I was the type of person that if two things went wrong, I was waiting for the third! Now that is not a good headspace to be in at all. I would not have known this before reading the Celestine prophecy. It was as if a light bulb had switched on. I knew things needed to change in my life. Around this time things settled down a bit and I decided it was time for me. I joined a social group, Spice Scotland, and learned about reiki through it.  You can read my story here.

Unknown to me reiki started working on my mindset and I became much more positive. Even better, when I did the next level, I could use it to help with my pain. I went on to teach reiki and have seen massive changes with many people over the years. One of my favourite things is the day students return after 4 weeks homework. They then tell me what has changed in their lives since the workshop day. I have had people stopped from being bullied, bad relationships broken up, people feeling more peaceful than ever before, relationships mended and lots more.


Another great thing about working with energy is how you connect with so many like minded people. Once you are in this orbit full of positive energy, you find yourself feeling heaps better than before! I have so many friends now that I would never have met if it was not from learning reiki. People see me as a positive person, which to my mind is much better than the “Poor me” that I was before. Reiki led me into Crystals and other modalities that have all impacted on my well being. Once you start, its hard to stop looking out for yourself!

If you go for a session of reiki, you will find yourself relaxing and chilling out. Reiki is not religious and is open to all so why don’t you give it a try?

I have a special offer this week to support the title of this blog. On Monday 17th June, you can get my Ebook from Amazon for only 99 pence.  Over the next few days it will increase so you can still buy it cheaper than the normal price. If you come for a session of reiki with me you will also be given a book Free of charge.

If you are interested in learning reiki my next workshops will be held in August but I am flexible and can also offer other dates. If you want to get together with friends I can accommodate that too.


Joy Fraser

UK Reiki Federation Master / Teacher