How to reduce our carbon footprint

I was thinking today how we all make an impact on others by whatever we do or do not do. One of the things I started doing years before it became fashionable was to recycle. This then took me into using Eco bags made of Jute and Cotton before the big supermarkets came on board as well. At the time I often saw people objecting to advertising the supermarket brands on the back of the bags so would turn them inside out. How many of you did that as well?
I then found a company that sourced ethically produced products and decided to buy some bags direct from them. For years I only ever used multi coloured duffle bags but then decided to choose ones that also resonated with me like the one above. People always commented on the duffle bags that myself and Daughter used and asked where they could get some so I then decided to buy in bulk so more people could use them too.
One of the bags that really resonate with me are the Freedom bags because every one that is bought gives money to help people in India improve their level of English to enable them to get better jobs. I love not only using bags that are different but also helping both the environment and others at the same time.

Do you still use all the plastic bags? Do you know that a plastic bag can take between 15 and 1000 years to break down in the environment! That’s an astonishing figure and to think we use plastic also in so many of the products we buy at the supermarket. Plastic also gets into our rivers doing untold damage to the wildlife. We owe it to the future of our planet to be taking action now. More and more supermarkets now try to get us to move from plastic bags to reusable so take them up on their offers and start making a difference to our planet.
 If you want something a bit more funky you can check out the photos on my page on Facebook where I have decided to sell the remainder of my stock so that I can concentrate on other things now, although I will personally have enough varieties of  jute bags to last me a life time. I have priced them all but decided that if anyone mentions this blog the postage for each will only be £2.The smaller bags postage will be reduced to £1. These prices are for the UK but I can post at the cheapest option overseas if required.
Scottish bag
Jute handbag.
Funky aboriginal bag