Kindness Starts With Us

Today I was driving past a street and remembered something that happened a few years ago. As part of my job I was speaking to a vulnerable lady. I remember hearing that she was elderly with a disabled adult son. She was crying on the phone to me that she thought she was going to lose her home as she could not keep the garden tidy and the hedge was very much overgrown. She had looked into getting a gardener but the quotes she got were astronomical. After I came off the call, I said to my boss that as she was only five minutes from our office, I wanted to do something for her. At my boss’s suggestion, I started making some phone calls and found a charity that were going to visit her. They told me they were sure they could help and would only charge her a few pounds. This only took a little while to organise and I was so pleased I had been able to get her help.

Another time I had actually visited a customer who was confused thinking she had already paid a bill. This was way outside my remit, but I got authorisation from higher up. I took identification with me and she allowed me to go through her cheque book with her. It took me about an hour to help her understand what had happened and then she gave me a cheque to clear her balance. She also allowed me to contact social services to see if they could give her a bit of help.

Sometimes we may have to go out of our way to help others. Other times it may take a phone call or just a listening ear. Today I have been sharing about companies that are offering help for those employed by Thomas Cook, which has gone into receivership. These companies are offering interviews for jobs, so I hope these get seen by the right people. We can all play our part in spreading kindness in our daily lives. Whether you are just a listening ear or have to do something to help someone, lets all put on our Kindness hats and make this a better world.

Joy Fraser
UK Reiki Federation Master/Teacher