Clearing Clutter

Today I have been moving things around in my home. I wanted to put a desk in my bedroom, so had to make room for that. I then realised that as I had sold a double bed and bought 2 singles with no storage I had a problem. Too many duvets and nowhere to put them! This is where it gets interesting. In my bedroom I had a unit that was covered with a tablecloth. A couple of years ago I had put in it books and videos that I wanted to keep. I thought I would take a look and see if I could put the duvets there too. Guess what I have kept? Nothing! That’s right, nothing. I realised that since going vegan, all the vegetarian cookbooks were no use to me. I also had books with chicken recipes.
I then found all the videos I had recorded over 20 years ago. Of course, you can watch them all online now or buy a DVD. The other thing I found was 7 brand new Maxell 180min Mega Power Tape. I remember those days lol. Does anyone have an old- style video player anymore? It’s time to visit a charity shop, I think.
I then had a thought, that inside one of my fitted wardrobes was a power socket. I have not found that yet but found something else – a printer! Something else for the charity shop. What has this taught me today? We all know about clearing out our clothes, but what stuff do we keep, thinking we will use it one day? I will be doing more work on this over the coming days.
Our minds are the same. What things have you kept in your subconscious or conscious minds that are holding you back today? If you keep thinking about someone who wronged you, you are giving more power to that situation and it holds you back. My reiki students often find release when they study level two and send reiki to their past. Often until we acknowledge the problem, it causes problems in our every day living. Emotional Freedom Technique or Hypnotherapy can help with this too.
It is good to confront clutter, whether it is physical or mental. If you are like me and have hiding places for things that you think you must keep, check them out and see if you still think the same today. We change as we grow and holding some things back, either physically or mentally, only hold us back in living today.

If you live locally, my next Usui reiki level one workshop will be held on 23rd October and level 2 on 2nd and 3rd November.

Joy Fraser
UK Reiki Federation Master / Teacher