Let Me Help You And Others- Assistance Required


This Blog is to let you know about a special offer I have available and I’m also looking for your help.

You may know that I use and sell The Sun Ancon Chi Machine. “What’s that” you ask? It was originally made by a Doctor in Japan looking to get more oxygen into the body without any weight baring. This means you lie down and let it do the work. Even better, they sent some to Flinders University to be tested on people with lymphoedema. They found it lessened the excess fluid people had, often after having Cancer. I can attest to this after using it on someone who still had this problem 10 years after being diagnosed. She was able to lessen it in her arms and even managed to take her dog for a walk!

Over time they found it could do so much more including relieve pain, give more energy, help people to sleep better and clear the mind. I have found this to be so true in using it both with my clients, friends, family and myself.

This machine is medically patented and is even used in some hospitals both for the patients and the Nurses (who get some time off their feet). One eye surgeon uses it to relax patients before surgery.

If you own one of these, you will know that all your family and friends come to use it too. I have even taken it on holiday with me and had people coming to my hotel room lol.


Here is where I need your help

As I am now a Full Time Business owner, I want to be able to give back to the community as well as use these for business. I am looking for Business’s that look after their staff and would be willing for me to come in monthly or at a time that suits them to allow them to take some time out. I know some business give massages at their staff’s desks but for this they lie down for 15 minutes. We can arrange an exchange for my time. I am also available for staff health days as well. Please share this with any Business’s that you think may be interested. Alternatively you can give me their details and I will contact them direct.

I would also like to find a Charity in Edinburgh that I can visit, perhaps once a month, with 3 machines to help both their clients and staff who we all know work hard. Please let me know of any Charities that you think may be interested.

I am about to place an order for more Sun Ancon Chi machines. They are £480 each but because of this I have decided to also sell the 3 that I have been using for £200 each. These will come with a 3 month warranty.  One is already spoken for, but I know over the years there have been many people who have wanted one but been unable to afford them, so this may help. Of course don’t expect to keep it to yourself! If you want one with a full years guarantee then go for the brand new one. You will not regret it. You do not have to have any health issues, you can use them to just chill out. The Army also uses these to help soldiers recuperate.

If you want to know if A Sun Ancon Chi machine can help you, you can email me through my website (Check out the video on the Chi machine page too) or if you are in Edinburgh, you can book an appointment with me.




Joy Fraser

Usui Reiki Master / Teacher