Time For You!

When you go for a therapy session, does it spoil it for you when you feel you have to leave quickly as there is another person waiting to be seen? It does for me. I remember visiting a well known place and feeling like I was on a conveyor belt. For this reason I am different. I make sure people have time, if required after a therapy session and will never have back to back clients. It’s important to me that people coming to me feel valued, not as cash cows.

I am blessed that many times people that come for a therapy session come back to learn reiki with me. Again this day is relaxed and fun and we usually have a laugh during it too. If you are interested in learning reiki check out my workshop page for dates. As I am now working Full time after many years part time,I can also arrange dates with you outside the dates on my website if required for one to one training. I am loving finally getting to this position in my life.

I am also available for group workshops. Maximum is eight people but 4 is a good number too. Learning reiki really changes your life and helps you through the ups and downs. If you are not ready for that then a session of reiki often clears the mind and helps you become more positive. I am available 7 days a week.

If you would like to know more about learning reiki you can contact me either through my website or you can find me on my Facebook page