Refreshed,energised and stress free.

I finally got back home last night at 11pm British time but it was 12am Spanish time so I had been on my travels for quite a few hours as I left at 3pm. This time as the shuttle bus was at the beginning of my journey I got home without any back pain unlike on my arrival.  I would like to say that both my Jet 2 flights were very well organised from booking the flights on line to get to and from my destination. Everything was free of stress and well organised. My holiday was a lovely time out for me as well as a big learning curve. I can’t believe how much information I was able to acquire in just under 2 weeks. My thanks go to my host for all the teaching and patience she had and also for her companionship. We had so much in common it was surreal. I now need to get organised for the coming weeks.

Next weekend I will be joining in with a Melody Crystal weekend. The following week I will be hosting a reiki Level one workshop on my first Friday. Many people have said their weekends are so busy so I will see how this one  goes. If you are interested in joining me it is on Friday 28th September in Edinburgh. More information can be  found here.

I have a lot planned over the coming weeks and feel grateful to have such an abundance of opportunities in my life.

Even though my time will be busy I will always make sure that I take the time out  needed to keep me feeling refreshed.  I am lucky that I have my Sun Ancon chi machine at home so I can really chill out and relax but also feel energised after using it. If you would like more information about the Chi machine check out here on my website.

 Soon everyone will be thinking about getting ready for (sshhhh) Christmas. Many people stress over buying presents and getting together with family. A little stress is good for you but when it becomes too much you need to make sure that you do something as a time out too so why not start now and find something. It may be a walk in the park or going out to the gym. It may be reading a book or listening to music. Everyone needs a way to switch off the brain and relax.  I have my way- what’s yours?