Reiki Training in Edinburgh

I sometimes see Reiki teachers teaching over different hours for the levels.  Some like me teach level 1 in one day and level 2 in 2 days. Others teach level 1 in 2 days and level 2 in one day. This can be confusing for prospective students. I always say you should have a chat with the teacher so you know what will be being taught on each course.

With me, during Level One you will be taught the history of reiki and be attuned.  You will practice on at least one person. We will do some meditating and connecting too. You will also be taught how to Ground and protect yourself. This takes 1 day.

For Level Two as well as practicing on at least one person using the symbols you will be taught, you will also be sending distance reiki into the past, to the future and to a couple of people not here in person. After that we call them for feedback to see what you may have picked up on. You will also be learning about the business side and how to insure yourself. We will also be going over what you learned in level one, as especially if I have not trained you, I will want to see if there are any gaps in your knowledge. We will also do some meditating and connecting as well. This takes 2 days.

For my courses you do not get your certificates on the same day. You will be given homework to complete over a period of weeks. Reiki is to be enjoyed, not rushed. Reiki impacts you on many ways which is why I would never teach level 1 and 2 back to back. I suggest a minimum of 3 months between these levels.

After you are given your certificate you can still contact me if you require any help. Please note I am not saying that any teacher that teaches in a different way is wrong. Each will teach according to how they plan their workshops. It is always good to either speak to a couple of teachers or go for a session of reiki to get to know them in advance of paying for a workshop. That way you will know if this is someone you can work with. Whichever person you chose to work with, I wish you well on your Reiki Journey.


If you are interested in learning reiki with me, I have a Level one workshop on Saturday 23rd March 2019 and a Level 2 workshop on 13th and 14th April 2019. I live a few minutes from the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh with lots of free on street parking and buses that take you within 5 minutes walk.

I am a UK Reiki Federation Master/ Teacher

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