Time Changes Thoughts

What a difference a month makes. My last post spoke about my burglary so I thought I would give you a little update. The police caught the thief and called me to say they might have some of my jewellery. They asked if I had someone past or present with the name Daisy. That was  my mothers name. They had recovered a tiny silver heart pendant with her name on it. When I posted this the person that had given it to her spoke up that she had mum’s name put on the pendant. This person grew up like a sister to me.  A few days later I went to The Edinburgh College of Parapsychology and guess what?  My mum came through and said I now had her pendant. It was great to have confirmation that she watches over me.

It has taken me time to get over feeling my house was violated and I was unable to see any reiki clients but I’m pleased to say that my house feels like my own again now and I ran a workshop last week and had a client and the atmosphere in my home is back to how it should be.  These things are meant to make us stronger and I know that memories are more important than material things that have been lost. One of the pieces of advice I was given from the Police which I would like to pass on is not to keep valuables in your bedroom. They suggest kitchen and bathrooms to be used instead.

One of the things to come out of this is I have replaced windows and am getting an alarm fitted.  I will also come out of this with having no valuable items in the house either as I shall not be replacing what I lost but I have been having fun on Groupon and Ebay! The first piece of jewellery I saw and bought was earrings in the shape of Daisies! Thanks again mum.

My last post was It’s okay to not be okay. Now I can say recovery waits just around the corner. Things can always change. This week I was told I always went into work happy even with what was going on in the home. My answer was the day goes faster if you are / act happy. Eventually it stops being an act and is just the way you are. Our emotions change if you allow them too and I can only say I’m pleased to be back to my usual happy self!

Next weekend 20/21 May 2017 I am running a Usui reiki level 2 in Edinburgh
Sunday 28 May 2017 I will be teaching Usui reiki level 1 in Edinburgh
Spaces are still available

Joy Fraser
UK Reiki Federation Master / Teacher
Edinburgh, Scotland