Time For Change

Its reached the exciting time of only two weeks till I move to Ormiston in East Lothian. I have been in my home now for 27 years. During that time I have practiced reiki for 16 of them. I have met many wonderful clients and students over the years and know this will continue in my new home too. I will of course be taking all my crystals as well as my Infrared therapy equipment with me.  I know one person who can’t wait. That’s my daughter, who gets great relief from the equipment for pain. I recently had a student who advised me she would follow me wherever I go. Talk about a heart swelling moment! The Universe has recently brought me clients from nearer to my new home. One was from the same village I’m moving to so I’m sure I will see lots more clients from East Lothian, but hopefully most of those from Edinburgh will be happy to drive a few extra miles to see me. For those that can’t travel, I want to thank you for being in my life up until now.

Another person that I must thank is my wonderful next door neighbour Billy. He has planted and looked after my gardens for the last few years. He started in my back garden with small plants from his garden. They all grew into giants lol. He then took larger plants from his garden and planted them in my side garden as well as building me a patio to enjoy the sunshine. There was method in him doing this. It allowed him more space to plant new things in his own garden! His wife Anne is a fantastic friend and therapist, who has been great to have  next door when my back has gone in the past. I will really miss both of them. The one thing about this area is people stay a long time. I believe they moved here a year before me.

Of course I will miss the Botanics and Inverleith park as well as the Sea which are all a few minutes drive from the house. I can always return  as it’s just a short drive, but will also be seeing new sights in East Lothian too.

To enable me to move and get settled I am now taking a break till 4th November. This may change as I have just been informed my new home will not be ready till 9 days after I leave this one!  Once I am settled I will add workshops onto my website. If you want to get anyone a voucher to see me when I reopen, get in touch.  A time of peace and relaxation make a great gift for both yourself and others too. If you want a special gift of learning reiki, these can be bought also. Due to Covid, Workshops will be small.

My second business will continue as I will have my trusted laptop available. So if you want to see a way to clean your home without chemicals, check out my facebook page. We have lots of ways to introduce you to Enjo. You can invite your friends to a Zoom demonstration too. We have some seasonal offers too. Shown underneath. http://www.facebook.con/EarthHealingwithJoyandEnjoUK  

If you have not yet seen David Attenburgh’s documentary, please watch it. You will then see how important it is for us to change the world we live in. We want to make sure the Earth is still here for future generations.  Now I’m away to pack up my therapy equipment!