What’s Not To Love?

I’m currently having some days without clients. I have been getting a lot of work done in my home.  The kitchen is in progress as I type. I managed to get some workshops and clients in while the Joiner was on a break. During that time I have been working on things behind the scenes. I updated my Reiki one workbook during this time too.  I love how I can change things around now that I work from home full time. If I want I can go out for the morning and then work in the evening. Much better than a 9 till 5 job which I was doing up till November last year. It has also enabled me to attend meet ups with people and learn from The Business  Gateway and the Google Garage.


Due to the work, I have rearranged the date of my next Reiki level two workshop and have added in my next Level one too. Level 2 will now take place on Saturday 1st June  and Sunday 2nd June. Level 1 will be on Saturday 18th June.  As I am around most of the days, if these dates do not suit you then get in touch with me. If you have a group of friends that want to learn together, I can discount this.

I am also excited to be receiving feedback from my new book  The Power of Reiki, Crystals and Synchronicity. You can get this on Amazon. I always tell people to look out for syncronistic events in their lives. Many times they are unaware of it ever happening. When you open up and become aware, it’s amazing how many times it happens. From my book, here is a little excerpt from just after I had chosen my new puppies. “After I went home, I knew I had four weeks to arrange day care cover but, in my head, I did not want a professional dog walker. I put it out there that I would rather have a dog lover who was unable to keep a dog their self. To this end I put an advert in the local post office in my street. Then the biggest surprise happened. Someone answered my advert and advised not only had we met at the Happiness workshop but also that she lived in my street and knew just the person to help. Talk about Synchronicity!”

I love how everything happens for a reason. I would not be getting all the work done in my home if I had not left my place of work. Sometimes life throws us a curved ball and it turns out that it if you catch it, your life improves! Once I have finished the work I have being done in the house and it gets back to normal, then service will resume as usual!

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Joy Fraser