You Are What You Eat

I just have to tell you about the last lady I spoke to at work today. She would like more people to know about what she is doing.

She is 71 although sounded under 40 and she has womb cancer. The important thing is it has almost gone instead of spreading and killing her within 3 months which the doctor said always happens. The problem with this  type of cancer is it does not bother you so often goes undiagnosed.

A friend of hers said she was not looking good a  year ago and got her started on juicing. In her words her arthritis and pains went and she started to look more youthful. She also dropped from 13 stone to 10. Her daughter at first thought this was wrong but has now joined her after seeing the difference in her mum.

She then had a touch of sciatica and went to see the doctor and was shocked to find herself diagnosed with the cancer. They told her it was very aggressive and would spread like wildfire and wanted to do chemotherapy. Spurred on by the difference juicing had made to her she decided instead to use food to treat her illness. She cut out all meat and dairy products and increased the juicing as well as eating lots of organic vegetables. She then went vegan and is now about to go into raw food as well. She has also cut out the use of all chemicals in the house and her hair.

We are now a few months down the line and she was sent for a scan. She was told that they could see where the cancer had previously spread to on the scan but it had now shrunk back to where it started and that was shrinking too! The doctor was amazed as he expected to find her riddled with the cancer as that is what usually happens.

We spoke about what type of juices she used and mentioned Jason Vale (The juice master) as well, as she has used his books as a starting point. I told her how wonderful it was to speak to someone fighting back (especially at her age) without using the chemotherapy that everyone expects us to.

So on behalf of this wonderful lady, who advised me she is a fighter, it truly shows that what you eat can make a big difference to your health.She also recommended going to You tube and checking out Fork over Knives which I will do.