All about Reiki

This week I am taking part in a blogging programme. Two of the questions I was asked is why do I have 3 businesses, and which makes me more fired up? I will tell you about them all as the week progresses.

For anyone that knows me, they will know that Reiki is my Life. I love the synchronicity that brought me to my teacher all those years ago. Reiki made me much more positive and changed my life in so many ways.
How does reiki work? This is a question I get asked many times. The easiest way to explain is that Reiki is energy taken from all the energy that surrounds us. The practitioner then lays their hands either on or just above the client. The energy then goes through to the client. Its important to know that it is not the Practitioner’s energy that is being used, but the Universal energy from all around us. When it goes onto the client, it then works with their body and mind for their highest benefit. This may be someone with stomach-ache, but the energy may go first to the head. It’s very intuitive. Many times, people have their heads overloaded with stress and end up with stomach issues! So yes, reiki works, but possibly not in the way you expect it to work.

I know it works from the number of clients and Students that have given me feedback. I do not need to know where they have a problem but often the energy goes strongly to that part of the body. People have said they get a great night’s sleep after receiving reiki too.

Tomorrow I will answer some more questions I have received.

If you are interested in learning reiki to be able to help both yourself and others, check out my Workshop page.