My Journey with Reiki and Pets

Another 2 questions I was asked is where did I learn Reiki, and do I use it on Pets?

I learned way back in 2004 when I took my first level. Just over 2 years later I became a teacher. My journey was full of synchronicities. You can find out more in my book The Power of Reiki, Crystals and Synchronicity, which can be bought on Amazon. I used the same teacher for all my levels as I gelled with him, unlike the one I was originally going to learn from.

Animals will either accept reiki or walk away. The interesting thing is some may allow hands off or if the person has been trained to level 2, the animal can be a distance away and still receive reiki. Did you know you can send it to the other side of the world or into the past or future? When I tried to give my previous dog reiki, she would not accept it until after I had done my teacher training. In fact the day I came home after my training she cuddled up and the energy flowed! One day we were sitting on the settee and her legs started shaking and she couldn’t sit down. Of course, I panicked and then decided to give her Reiki. At that point she was able to sit down on the settee. A couple of weeks later she was in the garden and the same thing happened. I ran out into the garden gave her reiki and she stopped struggling. I found she had hurt her cruciate ligament so when I got my new pups, I decided from day one I was going to give them reiki.

I gave them reiki in very small doses, and as soon as they moved, I stopped giving it to them. The interesting thing was they would not allow me to send reiki by distance because obviously it was so much stronger, and they were not used to the energy at this stage. Now thankfully, I can send Reiki when they’re in the same room and in fact Merlin my male dog joins in with meditations as soon as I tell people to take a deep breath all I see is Merlin taking a very deep breath it’s brilliant. So now my dogs love reiki and have even been Attuned to it.