Three strings to my bow!

We often hear that it is good to have three strings to your bow or not to put all your eggs in one basket. Many people have been laid off over the last couple of years or their income has gone down, so it stands to reason not to rely on one source of income.

During lockdown I was not able to practice reiki so joined Enjo. This could run alongside my reiki business when it was back up and running. Enjo gelled with me as I learned how to clean without chemicals in my home. Even better it was 6 x better and saved me money. We are all up for that, right?

Now we are all anticipating energy rises, so more money will be leaving our pockets. I recently found a way to save, By changing my Broadband, Energy and Mobile to Utility Warehouse I saved hundreds for this year. What was even better is I missed out on all the increases the utilities were going to charge. By moving all three, Utility Warehouse even paid off my Broadband contract ( Up to £200).

Now what do these all have in common? They are all helping people! These fit in really well with how I want to live my life.  Reiki helps people to relax and relieve pain. Training others means more people can do this too. It totally changes your mindset. Whats even better is you need no equipment, just your hands.

Enjo helps people stop using chemicals, therefore helping the Environment and stopping people in the house breathing in fumes from the chemicals used. This can really help people with breathing problems, just like it helped my dog. The fibres last for  3 years too so no need to buy things to clean with. Even better is the fibres get recycled when they come to the end of their life.

Utility Warehouse lets me have one payment going from my bank and I see everything on one bill. I even got a shopping prepayment card with £50 on it as soon as I topped it up. You then get money off your energy bill for anything you spend on the card. You also get £50 for anyone you introduce that takes up a service, again off your bill. They also save me money on all three services I took with them. I have now become a partner with them so that I can help others too. Contact me for a quote. Utility Warehouse is always cheaper than the capped price.  They even planted a tree on my behalf.


So now that I have three strings to my bow I am happy to know I have three ways to help people as well as their health and pocket. So if I can help you with any of the above, just get in touch.


Joy Fraser

UK Reiki Federation Master /Teacher