Be Happier Through Being Grateful

 Today I feel so grateful for my life. We all have times in our life when things may not be as we like, but the more you are grateful for what is good in your life, the happier you will become. You really should try it and see over the coming weeks the difference it  makes you feel.

Instead of watching TV and hearing about horrible situations, or watching soaps and getting caught up in family dramas (please remember the latter are not real), go outside instead. Let the wind go through your hair, even if it’s getting to the time of year to wear hats and scarfs. Being in tune with nature is the way for a much healthier state of mind. What’s even better is it’s free!

Be aware that your life really does matter and somehow it impacts on others. I remember my grandson seeing a homeless person and gave him some of his lunch. We now have Social Bite who are trying to erradicate homelessness. If that person had not made an impact on my grandson, Eamonn would not be wanting to do more to help others at this time of year.

I was telling my reiki students yesterday that other Therapists challenged me to come out of my comfort zone and post videos on Social media. I even did a live video. After someone messaged me last night I found that these videos are helping the person. I loved hearing this. I will challenge myself  to do more of these videos and have gone as far as getting a copy go pro. I just need to learn the best way to use it. I tried in the local park and video’d the grass lol. It’s all a learning curve and I am grateful for the opportunity to use it.

With Christmas coming up the shopping frenzies have begun. Please don’t get caught up in this, especially if you don’t have much money. Use your time for people instead. they will be much more grateful for it. Today I am grateful for sitting in my pyjamas at 10.20 am on a Sunday morning. See, it really doesn’t take much to make me grateful and happy. What about you?

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