Bring it on 2022

Happy New Year everyone. I have now been living in Ormiston, East Lothian for 14 months. Many of them, like other therapists, I was asked to stay closed by the government.  In between times I did manage to get in a couple of workshops so I’m sure that this year people will be looking for things that can help them, emotionally,spiritually and physically. You can check out my workshop page for my latest courses.

As I was  last year I decided to buy myself something I had wanted for a long time. I previously had no space to put it. I bought myself a Pilates machine with a rebounder. I had visions of me getting fitter and my back becoming stronger. Unfortunately for me, it was low to the floor and I struggled getting back up and making use of it. I now have it up for sale after only using it for a total of 2 hours.  Let me know if you are up for a bargain.

Not to be beaten, I visited a friend who had a treadmill. Until then I thought these were boring, but to see the videos that came with it, I was hooked, and ordered one the next day. I have to say, especially with the days getting darker earlier, I love the fact I have it in my home and don’t need to go to a gym. I also get to travel all over the world with the Ifit trainers, funnily enough including Edinburgh. I am sure if children learned this way at school, while exercising, they would retain a lot more as well as getting fitter. I learned all about Egypt and the Pyramids during  my time on the treadmill too. This shows there is no one size fits all when exercising. I also now live in the country where there are lots of  places to walk my dogs, so that is another way without costing any money.

As well as exercising, there needs to be a balance with relaxation. Last year I read many Kindle books and this year has started in the same way for me. I also use Reiki and Meditation to help me relax. In fact I go to sleep giving myself reiki every night.   When I had a cold recently and was going through the blocked nose I found it difficult to sleep until at about 1 am I remembered reiki. The next time I woke was 2am , but at least I had an hours sleep. I then went downstairs, propped myself up, gave myself reiki, and slept for 5 hours!

Learning Reiki was the best thing I ever did for myself. Even going for a session of reiki can help you. I spoke with someone recently who wakened without a busy head for the first time she could remember. Reiki is something that calms the mind and can also help physical pain. I also have my Infrared equipment which is great for reducing pain. You can lie on an Infrared heat pad and have an Infrared dome above you, wherever there is pain. I also have my Sun Ancon Chi machines which loosen up the body and relieve pain.

You can see why I barely see any doctors. I am a great believer in doing what you can yourself plus I have all the above at my fingertips. Reiki does not take the place of conventional medicines but is a great complement to them and many times can help you come off them or lower the dose.


Interestingly, so far, my new clients have all come from outside where I now live. I have people from West Lothian and Edinburgh visiting. As I am only 14 miles from Edinburgh City Centre, it doesn’t add much time  to come through for either a therapy session or a workshop so I look forward to seeing you all soon. Make sure whatever you do in 2022, take time for you.