Enjo for a clean Chemical free house!

As you may know, I am an Enjo consultant as well as a Reiki Teacher. This slots in well with my life. I have always been careful with waste and used Bokashi bins, wormeries and Compost bins for my waste. I have often found that many people will take furniture etc rather than it going to the tip.Last year when Enjo came into my life, I realised I never thought of what went down my drains. We are brought up to clean with Chemicals and pour bleach down our sinks and toilets.  If you look on the back of these bottles you will get a shock, not only at the ingredients but the harm they can do, both to people and the environement.

Are you a parent of babies or young children? Do you have pets wandering about the house? Do you ever think of them crawling or walking where chemicals have been? Does anyone in the house have breathing issues? I was just telling someone that recently my hair was a mess and I saw in a cupboard that I had hairspray from my last house. I had forgotten to throw it out. When I sprayed it, I started choking and had to leave the room. It went in the bin the same day! You may go through the same thing when you put bleach down your drains. I thank Enjo daily when I am cleaning without any of those chemicals.

Enjo cleans 6 x better than traditional ways of cleaning. Even better you clean faster, it stays clean longer and as the Fibres last for 3 years, it saves you money too.

Just now I have some special stocking fillers in my Enjo shop https://shop.enjo.co.uk/shop/JoyFraser/. Imagine giving someone the gift of cutting their cleaning time in half, helping the health of others and helping the environment, all at the same time! Even better, if you want me to show you and friends over Zoom or in person, if you live near me, you can get an extra £20 off on top of any host bonus’s.

Enjo has made such a difference to my home. I thought I would need a cleaner but the system is so versatile and great for my back that I do it myself. Even cleaning my windows. Sometimes weekly due to living in a new build. Imagine how much money I am saving! My dog that has had breathing issues for years no longer has issues inside the house. If Enjo can help him, what might it do for your household? Get in touch with me through my Enjo shop.

This is my favourite!