Change can be good for you.

I just looked out my window to see a rose bud blowing in the wind. Considering the state my garden is in it was a wakeup call that there is still beauty in it. As the garden is large and this is a tiny speck in it my concentration had been on the rest of the garden and what I needed to do but now it’s not. Sometimes we have to accept that we can’t do everything we may want to but we still can see that there is beauty around us. I will relax knowing that the time will come that all my garden will again become beautiful.
It reminded me of Christmas day last year when it was freezing outside and I saw a white rose. Although we think of them as blooming in the summer I think all plants are getting confused about when they are to grow but it shows how good they are with change. This is happening more and more with the weather changes we are seeing here but the plants and animals are changing with it. 
How about us?
Are you resilient to change? Have you become stuck in a rut doing the same old thing every day?  In this day and age most people no longer have a job or partner for life so we all must learn to cope with change but it’s the attitude you have that makes the difference to how you feel.  Some people find it harder than others.
When my world crashed many years ago with a big change, although I presented a front to the world that I was happy, I was still in the situation that if 2 things had gone wrong I awaited the 3rd one happening too. I am pleased to say that once I started my training in reiki I became happy on the inside as well as the outside and now I love change and look for the positive in every situation I find myself in. 
Sometimes the reason for change does not come to you immediately. It may be many months down the line before you are aware that the change was good for you perhaps in a totally unexpected way.
If you find change hard there is usually something holding you back. It may be fear of the unknown. This can be one of the hardest things to overcome as we feel protected doing something we know. I remember years ago listening to Dr Wayne Dyers The Secrets of the power of Intention. It’s a really great set of CD’s or you can get the book. It helped me to look at change in a totally different way and to intend I would get the right outcome for myself. You might like to check it out.

I feel blessed that at the right time people come into my life to help me with all the changes I have gone through so far and would like to thank them for that. They will know who they are. I hope also to be able to continue the ripple by helping others going through change too.

As Ghandi would say –

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”