I recently had a client who spoke of her Grandmothers positive attitude. She died a couple of years ago aged 100!  The client mentioned that she used to feel uncomfortable if she was complaining about a bad day at work as gran had been on her own all day, but then she only had positive things to say back to her granddaughter. The Grandmother had always been like this and the client thought this was what had made her live so long and contentedly. This made an impact on my client and she now tries to think positively in many more situations she finds herself in.

It may have taken some time to break through but the connection was finally made.  Now this client is going on to bring her children up in the same way. This is the way I  believe that children should be brought up, knowing they can look for the best in things as well as knowing they are loved. It is important to be aware that how we talk and what actions we take will all make a difference on how our children grow up

We have to remember that the greatest thing we can do is give them a life of happiness by instilling them with joy of life. Interacting with children on a daily basis by doing things such as painting or baking is a great way to bond with them. It is not the amount of time you spend with them that is important though, rather the quality of the time you have together.  Giving them lots of hugs will make them feel loved too. Children are our future so we want them to learn how to raise their vibrations and those of people around them from an early age. This way they can impact on the world to be a much better place as they grow older as well as being confident and happy. I saw something recently that said if everyone had the heart of a dog, the world would be a happier place. That surely would be a great thing to see.

 Help children to see the magic that is all around them. See the world through your children’s eyes and teach them to observe the colours and sounds all around them. Make sure they spend time outdoors. Another thing is to help them learn to be still. More and more times these days we are being told children have ADHD. I do not believe this is correct. The problem is children no longer take time to be still. All you need do is talk to a primary school teacher. They find children fidget and are restless much more now than in previous years when they are having either quiet time or story time.

Many children also no longer get to sit or lie still while adults read a story to them, which is a shame as reading is a great bonding time for both adult and child. Too often they are busy playing games on computers or watching television and then they are expected to immediately wind down and go to sleep. It’s like you watching a horror film then trying to sleep. No wonder many children play up at bedtime. 

Meditation is a great way to help still the mind and can be started at any age. A great book I have come across is Calm Kids by Lorraine Murray. Lorraine is soon to release another book on meditation for children with special needs. I remember listening to a meditation cd a few years ago with my young Grandaughter. She was so involved in the meditation that she wanted to know where the Unicorn had gone to. Another time I took her on a meditation journey that I had made up after reading Lorraine’s book. Watching as her head moved following the journey was a beautiful experience. Children have great imaginations if we only take the time to help them use it.

Remember that children are our future and help them grow up to be happy, thoughtful, positive and grateful members of our society.  They will thank you for it!

Joy Fraser
Reiki Master / Teacher