Christmas Is Coming. Time To Think Outside The Box!

Have you thought of what you are doing for Christmas 2021? Have you started buying gifts yet?  My idea this year is to buy from small businesses. There are so many that have struggled over the last few months. Unfortunately, some may already have gone under, but we can help those still working through this period in time. Social Media has brought a lot of small businesses  into my sight. I have bought Eco friendly goods  for the home from this company. If you are looking for children’s Rubber wood toys, you can buy them here too. I love them. They are all sustainable.   

Lanka Kade Large Rainbow Noah's Ark

I am sure you know people selling Body shop, Tropic, Avon, Forever living and may purchase from them. If not, get in contact with a local person and ask to see their brochure. I was recently given a gift of soap from a friend. The wonderful smell scented my room for weeks, most unlike those I normally buy from shops. Again this was from a small business.

Let us not forget the therapists out there. We have been hit very hard as for many months were not allowed to open our doors to work. Some have given up and gone back into mainstream work.  I have to say I love not having a 9 till 5 job. I can choose when to walk my dogs, when to visit family and when to see clients. This is the same if you work for yourself in any business.

Do you have someone that is really hard to buy for? Why not purchase a massage or reiki? Sometimes busy parents just need time out. A therapy is very good for that. I love seeing the change in people after they receive reiki. All it needs is you to think outside the box.

I have a special offer for anyone that wishes to purchase reiki or infrared sessions for family and friends. If you buy 3 you have the 4th free. That means you can give to 3 friends plus yourself. Contact me directly for this offer. Of course you can also purchase a reiki workshop for someone. Reiki is the gift that keeps on giving. Level one means they can help themselves, plus friends and family!

Also my Enjo shop has some really special offers in the run up to Christmas. You can even spread the payments interest free.    What is Enjo I hear you say? It is a way to clean without any chemicals! Great for teenagers with Acne, Babies, people who want to save time and money and help the Environment.

Of course, what a lot of people need is time. You could offer to babysit or take the children on a day out. You could offer to run someone to the shops or help them in their garden. I’m sure that any offering of help would be appreciated.