Have a good Christmas and look after yourself.

Are you one of the people that can’t wait to see the end of this year? Or has it been a better than average year for you? Christmas is getting closer and people are unsure what may be happening due to government changes. It is not good for anyone’s peace of mind to be stuck in this situation. Reiki is all about living in the present and taking each day as it comes. For those that do not have the power of reiki at their fingertips, the good news is you can still go to a Practitioner and receive it through them. Reiki is energy which flows easily and helps with blockages in both the Body and Mind. Of course there are many other therapies to help you relax, such as Massage. It’s important that while you are running around shopping and looking after everyone else, that you take some time out for yourself.

We also have to remember those that do not have family around them. I have often thought of the elderly at this time of year but considering the amount of Suicides and Mental Health referrals this year, I think there are so many people we need to take care of. It need not even cost you money, just give them some of your precious time. To be able to talk with others is the best gift we can give to some people.

This has been a really weird year for many, with lots working from home, rather than the office. For some they have enjoyed this and actually been more productive. Others have had small rooms being shared with children and animals and may have found it harder. One thing it has shown, is that change can happen. Many companies are now moving away from having their staff working full time in the office when things settle. What might this mean to you? Most bosses will listen to help get the best from staff so make sure you talk rather than holding it all in.

I hope you enjoy the holidays when they come. I will be available up till Christmas Eve, and after Christmad day, so if you are feeling you need some  “Me” time get in touch with me. I offer reiki, Infrared, Meditation, Crystals and the Sun Ancon Chi machine. I can also give you a gift voucher as a present to pass on. My workshops  for learning reiki in the New Year are now updated on my website as well.