Communities Come Together For Beast From The East

With the UK getting lots of snow over the last couple of days it brought back memories of when I was  growing up. Back then all we were concerned about was throwing snowballs and making snowmen. Back to today, as an adult, we are now concerned with getting to work safely especially as there was no public transport and a red warning which means not to travel. Out of this has come many acts of kindness, from individuals, taxi firms, garages, shops and many more. Some people were offering lifts for staff and patients to get to and from Hospitals. Others were carers in communities that outside carers could not access, so they took it upon themselves to help those in need.

 Many shops have been decimated and have no bread or milk left so locals have been helping others in their areas out with either giving them food or going out to the shops on their behalf. We have churches opening up to allow people a warm place to sleep and eat and people donating things including coats for the dogs. There is even a Vegan restaurant in Edinburgh called ROOTS that could not open their shop due  to the pipes being iced up so they donated all the food they had to St John’s  Church in Princes Street.

Of course we cannot forget to thank those in our emergency services. There are stories of Doctors and nurses walking for hours to get to work as they know how much they were needed at the hospitals. There were also carers and Nurses staying at care homes and hospitals as no one could get in to take their places when they came off shift.  The Police and Fire Brigade have been working overtime with the amount of people stranded on motorways and those that have been in accidents. We also had the Army in Edinburgh helping staff get to hospitals.

Of course the children are loving the fact that parents are at home rather than working. I’m sure some parents are enjoying it too. It is all about perspective. You can think the world is coming to an end with weather changes and everything else you hear in the news. Alternatively you can celebrate life and all the wonderful people we have around us.

I give my thanks to everyone that have helped others out over the last couple of days. It doesn’t need to stop though when the weather clears up. Kindness goes a long way to make life worth living.

Stand up and take a bow all the people in the world that initiate Acts Of Kindness!

Joy Fraser
Reiki teacher