Do the Fairies come into your house or garden?

In case you were unaware I am currently sunning myself in a beautiful area of Spain. As is usual when I was coming to stay with my host I wanted to get her a thank you present for putting up with me lol. As it was also important that I did not over step my baggage allowance I could not buy the big containers of Yankee candles that I wanted so I thought of something else and added a few small candles.

I am very lucky to have a family that can turn their hands to many things and one of the things they excel in are their Fairy doors although this had been put on the backburner for a while due to my daughters health. I was very pleased when they agreed to make me a one off door based on an Irish theme. If anyone else is interested in one they can contact them through They will soon have a website up and running.

For anyone that does not know about  fairy doors they are supposed to be put on a skirting board in your home to invite the fairies to come into your house. Blackbirds also have some lovely fairy Houses for sale too which can be set in your garden. These are cut directly from the tree and intuitively made.

The newest fairy door has found a home in the bedroom of my host and she loves it as do I.

I am now about to go visit a local town followed tomorrow by a visit to Caves. This is the life!