Eamonn’s Trading Project

This week my Blog is dedicated to my Grandson Eamonn.

 My heart is overflowing with gratitude for the wonderful thing that he is doing. Before school had stopped for the holidays he heard the story of the man that started out with a red paperclip and kept trading up(Kyle).  He ended up with a house! Eamonn did not have such high expectations, and just wanted to try it for fun. A couple of days later he then decided he would help a local charity. He thought long and hard about which charity to help and decided on one that he personally knew was helping others. He went ahead, with dads help, and set up a Facebook page called  Eamonn’s Trading Project.

In just under one week he has over 200 people liking his page and the swaps have started. As I type he has an Xbox, 2 controllers and 6 games ready to swap. The only rule is that every swap increases in value. The plan is whatever gift is left on Christmas Eve will be auctioned and the money will go to East Lothian Food bank.  This is a charity that helps people who are struggling. Unfortunately with all the benefit changes there are often people stuck between benefits that have no money to buy food. The food bank can supply them with a few days worth of groceries.

I often hear of families with children who get so many toys for Christmas that many stay unopened in the attic. What is this teaching them? Eamonn aged 9 and his sister Chloe aged 5 have been brought up to share things with others. I remember when he was much younger and saw something on television that was asking for toys to be boxed to send to a third world country. Eamonn came downstairs with an armful of toys and asked his mum for a box. He was aware at an early age that there were children a lot worse off than him.

As you can see from his photo with the cheeky grin, he is just a normal 9 year old boy that gets into scrapes like the rest of them but I know that doing this is making an impact on him so today I am looking for some help. Please like his page and give him some feedback. If you are local, see if you have anything that you can swap with him to help him Trade up and most importantly help share his page so that others can join in too.

He has even set up a Twitter page too. Businesses are welcome to join in too, so don’t get left out. Help Eamonn make a difference knowing that you have played a part in it.

I personally can’t wait to see how this develops.