Gratitude And Joy

Today, I had this printed in the UK Reiki Federation’s online magazine. I thought I would share it with you.

I had just wakened up full of joy. Do you ever feel that? Your heart feels overflowing with love. Before I was trained in Reiki, I was the type of person that waited on the third bad thing happening. All that changed after level one. My mind-set started to change. Around the same time, I read the Celestine prophecy and recognised myself as a “Poor me”. Things had to change. I learned Reiki to help with my back problems, but it has helped my mind-set tenfold. I became more positive and began to see this in so many situations, which was a big turnaround.

I believe that synchronicity abounds with Reiki, if you are open to it. It happened so many times over the years that I started writing all the events down on paper. Someone told me to put it in a book. I thought that would never happen, but I’m pleased to say that last month (March 2019) I brought one out about my journey over the years with Reiki and synchronicity. I never thought that when I started my journey in Reiki that it would bring me to this point. I love training people and seeing them change their lives with the power of this amazing energy.

In November, I left my day job so I can now not only continue to live Reiki, but also be more available to help others learn to change their lives too. All of us who work with Reiki, really make a difference to the world, as well as to individual people, so in celebrating the 20th Birthday of the Federation, lets raise our glass to working with the power of Reiki as well as the Federation for supporting us all! My book is The Power of Reiki, Crystals and Synchronicity. This can be bought through Amazon.

by Joy Fraser

I looked out of the window. The sun was shining bright. The clouds were still in the sky, but everything was alright. The weather can be fickle but, in our hearts, it’s true, we do not need the weather to stop us feeling blue. Our feelings come from us inside. It’s up to us you see, to make sure that every day we get the time for you and me. There are things all around us that open our hearts with love, like trees and plants and butterflies and not forgetting what comes from above. These are things that bring peace to our lives in these days of war and strife. There are also many other things to make us grateful for our life. When you wake up in the morning, where are you in your mind? It’s up to you to choose this best and it starts with being kind. Being kind to others lifts both them and you. It’s a gift we can give for free, that benefits us all, that’s true. Paying it Forward can help in this way and it’s very easy to do. Just use your eyes and your ears each day and see where your help is needed. It then comes back full circle to you when you find that you have succeeded. Filling your heart with Love and Gratitude is surely the way to go, to help you start your day off right and really get in the flow. Your mind can really work wonders, in setting you up for the day, so use it now to expand your life as you continue along the way.