Raising our vibrations.

How are you feeling today?

Here in Edinburgh we have had sunshine for 3 consecutive days. To some of you that may not seem like much but you can see the difference in people here as everyone goes about their day. You can’t walk down a street without seeing someone gardening, washing their car or even sitting in a sun lounger in their garden. Most of all you see a lot more people smiling. If you smile at someone they will usually smile back so why don’t you join in and keep the cycle going.

When the sun shines it lifts our vibrations. We  feel happier and more communicative with others. We go walking more and often people are to be found in the parks that they have not visited since last summer or autumn. It’s like everyone comes out of hibernation. All the fair weather dog walkers can be seen again, joining those of us that are out in all weathers. This is a great way to meet people rather than shutting yourself away during the colder months. I can’t believe that my 2 x15 month dogs have now owned me for just over a year. It’s amazing how fast time passes when you are having fun.

Our Winter in Scotland has not been too bad. We have had lots of rain and cold winds but nothing like it was a couple of years ago. For some though who suffer from Seasonal Affective disorder it will seem as if there is light at the end of the tunnel with the ending of Winter. I often wonder if raising their vibrations with reiki  energy would help these people get through Winter easier. If anyone has treated any clients with SAD I would love to know what impact it has had on them.

I actually find things to love in each of the 4 seasons and just make the most of whatever the weather is like. In Scotland we can have 4 seasons in one day so we just have to adapt to what we get delivered to us. There is really no point in complaining about the weather when we cannot do anything to change it so it’s much better to find things to do that suit the weather type. In Edinburgh we are very lucky with all our free museums for the rainy days and our beautiful parks for the sunny ones.

Now that we can all look forward to warmer days (with I’m sure wet and windy ones in between) I’m wanting to connect more with nature and visit places that my dogs can come with me. I was checking my diary today and can see that it is already getting filled up. The amount of people finding reiki this year has made me very happy, especially when they come back to me to tell me how much it is changing their lives. This often happens if I have trained them on how to use it for themselves. Life is all about balance though so I make sure that I have plenty time for clients and also myself. That is the way to enjoy life.

Although it’s nice to do things on the spur of the moment, why not look at all the places in your own neighbourhood that you have forgotten about and plan to pay them all a visit over the next few months. It may be that you last saw them when you were a child but you can really enjoy them just as much as an adult. If they take you outside with nature then you will find your feelings of well being growing which in turn will make you have an even happier day. Now that it’s warmer, take time to appreciate what you see as you walk more slowly down the streets too.

I appreciate watching all the gardens coming alive with colour especially as my dogs wrecked all the plants in my garden. I am very lucky though that I have a neighbour who is rebuilding a garden for me that the dogs will not be allowed access to and it’s coming on great so I can look forward to colours in my garden again. I know, they look like they would never do anything wrong but looks can be deceptive.

If you live in the Edinburgh area and are interested in learning reiki or just having a relaxing session,you can contact me through my website:Peace Harmony and Joy