I have just been reading about a friend’s back problem. I have another friend going through the same. You may know that it also affects me at times. Our backs can weaken from so many different reasons. When it happens, it can be so debilitating. It’s when you become aware of how much you rely on it.  You may not be able to bend, walk the dogs, climb the stairs plus so much more.

I am lucky to have a few things at home to help me when my back goes into crisis.  I have reiki, infrared equipment plus The Sun Ancon Chi machine. I also use all three as part of my therapy practice. The first thing that came into my life was the Chi machine. I became a voice to spread the word of what this could help with. I use it so much for both myself and clients. We use it for aches and pains, more energy, better sleep, improved breathing,  reducing fluid retention and so much more. Recently I was not sleeping well and reminded myself to use the Chi machine. The last two nights I have slept through the night!  Have a look at this video to see The Sun Ancon chi machine in action. What if you are further away and can’t get to my practice?

I will be moving home in a few months and have decided to lessen the amount of things possibly going into storage. So I am going to give a special offer of £50 off for the first 5 people that buy a Chi machine between now and 31 March 2020. All you need quote is code £50 off! on the order form. That makes the price only £465 to include postage within the UK. It’s the cheapest it’s been for a few years.  Even better they will be delivered within a few days. If you are outside the UK, contact me for shipping costs.