Save Money With Utility Warehouse

Finally, my last business is Utility Warehouse. I became involved with Utility Warehouse because I had received a quote for my energy services and the quotation was so good that I switched my broadband, my mobile and my energy. By switching all of these I got a very good price and I decided that the service that I received after that from the British call centre was exceptional, and I wanted to pass this on to other people.

I was asked what did I feel about prices going up for energy? I feel the same as everybody else that many people are going to struggle to pay their energy bills. The Government needs to do something different. I think that money should be taken from the oil companies to help with the price of energy for the UK.

I was also asked could I say that prices will not go higher for energy. I honestly think with what’s happening just now that there’s a high probability that the prices will go higher. People are talking about perhaps a 20% rise to the Price Cap in October but who knows what happens if a war takes place.

I was asked could I help people save money.

• Do you know that anything that you spend on the Utility Warehouse cash back card, you can get money taken off your energy costs? People can get over £400 off their bills depending on how much they spend.

• If you introduce customers to utility warehouse you get money taken off your energy costs. If you get a smart meter installed, you also get £50 off your energy costs.

• Finally, if like me, you become a Partner, you can make an income through helping others!

So if you, like 22 million other people on the Standard Variable Rate, are concerned about rising costs, contact me to see how much I can save you.