Share the intention for PEACE and RESOLUTION for the WATER PROTECTORS

Today I am appealing for readers to send peaceful thoughts to Dakota. Considering I do not watch the news (which would probably be falsified anyway), I am continually being made aware of the problems at Standing Rock by people on site.  Healthy water gives life and burial places should remain sacred.  The interesting thing is the work was moved away from another place due to fears in case it contaminated the area. Why then does it make sense to move to another place where people also live? The company that want to run this pipeline through the area recently had a leak of their pipes in another area and contaminated the water there.

Today I read  this. This brought to mind the thousands of Bison who came down to be with the water protectors this week. They are believed to be very spiritual animals. I know that a lot of people in America read my blog.If you are anyone that can take peaceful action by contacting Government, please do so. I would appreciate everyone sharing the following links and getting as many people as possible to send peaceful thoughts any time tomorrow with the rest of us.  The more these links are shared all over the world we may be able to change things if it is known we are all watching!

Video from Lyla June– This is certainly worth reading.

International vigil for Standing Rock tomorrow ( Sunday)

 It is so distressful to see the way the Water Protectors who are protesting peacefully are being treated.