Take a Break From Stress

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable time through the holiday season. It is important for everyone to have some time to themselves when there is a lot going on around them. My gift to you is an 8 minute meditation done by me at sea. For this reason it is unedited. It only took about 8 hours to upload! You can see it here.

Shortly people will be planning New Year parties with all the food and alcohol that goes along with them. We must remember that there are people that are not happy for many reasons. It may be they are lonely or even homeless. Can I ask if you see anyone living on the streets to point them in the direction 0f any charities helping out please? Check on neighbours too to make sure all is okay.

Of course, there will also be people working in many trades. It may be retail, hospitality or the emergency services. Our thanks go to all of those that help keep the lights on. There may also be people in hospital at this time. I’m sure the staff will try their hardest to make their time as joyful as they can.

Even though I had a lovely break, I am coughing away here as I type. It’s just as well I’m not seeing clients till the 6th January 2020. I had some lovely experiences as well as interviewing a friend that I was on holiday with. You can see this here . I also had my first time at a sweat Lodge in Mexico. As it was only the two of us, the experience was magical. It was also good to go ashore and one of the first venders we saw was a Vegan Medicine woman. Both of us bought from her. I would love to do more cruising but I also saw that in Miami there were places where the homeless were lying on the streets. It shows that this is happening to people all over the world. Each time, we were in a cab so could not help, but if you are around a homeless person, please help in whatever way you can.

As 2020 is just around the corner, I want to wish you Health, Wealth and Happiness for the next year. If you are in the Edinburgh area, I will be running workshops in February to introduce you to the world of reiki or to go up a level if you want to send the energy over distance. Perhaps you just need some time out. If so, you can book for one of my therapies to relax and de stress you. You can contact me through my website or Facebook.


Joy Fraser

UK Reiki Federation Master / Teacher