The waiting will soon be over

After reading my last blog I thought I would update you all. After seeing all the dogs from the rescue go to reserved and thinking it may take quite a while to get one to fit my requirements I decided to also look elsewhere. I went to the local cat and dog home and was […]

Happiness is all in the mind

I have just spent the day walking around smiling. Do you ever have a day when this happens to you and you don’t know why? I found myself pondering on this when walking home from work in the pouring rain I heard myself singing ” I’m walking on Sunshine”! Maybe you’ll just all think I’m […]

Reiki update

I’m pleased to say that I now have my Karuna Reiki certificate after a problem with the post. This means that I can now offer Usui Reiki , Karuna Reiki, Crystal and Chi machine therapies. At the moment I am using all of them to help my back which decided to give me a time […]

Less sleep = More productivity

I’m writing this blog today after being awake for what feels like half of the night. What is that all about! After tossing and turning I went on the internet then decided to try again to get to sleep but the problem was I did not feel at all tired. After a bit more of […]

Change can be good for you.

I just looked out my window to see a rose bud blowing in the wind. Considering the state my garden is in it was a wakeup call that there is still beauty in it. As the garden is large and this is a tiny speck in it my concentration had been on the rest of […]

Isn’t synchronicity wonderful

As time goes by I notice more and more synchronicity in my life. On my Facebook page recently I wrote about looking to join a gym so that I could go swimming but wished to test it out before joining. I had put an advertisement about my Chi machines in a local magazine called The Trinity […]

Moving on with life

  For all of those whose thoughts have been with me over the last 2 weeks since the loss of my dog Misty I want to thank you all.  It was a very strange week in that everything happened so fast and my emotions were all over the place. During this time I had arranged […]

RIP Misty

I feel the need tonight to give my wonderful dog the send off she so deserves. Misty was my Spaniel / labrador who had been in my life for all of her 12 years. She was so special and a great gift to me. I remember going to the Edinburgh cat and Dog home and […]

Spiritual Weekend

Spiritual Weekend I have just returned from a memorable weekend. It was the first time ever I have gone on a spiritual weekend and did not have any expectations of what would happen. To say I was blown away would have to be an understatement!  I am a member of a social group called SPICE. […]


When I was first told about the Sun Ancon Chi Machine I researched over my local area to see if there was anywhere I could go to try one out.  The answer was “no” so this left me with the option of ordering one and using the 14 day trial to see if it suited […]