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Gratitude through life changes

Do you ever have one of those days when you feel your heart is fit to burst? I had one of those moments this morning. This last week has been full of great things happening, some unexpected , but all moving in the right direction and it’s going to continue in the same way. When […]

Eamonn’s Trading Project

This week my Blog is dedicated to my Grandson Eamonn.  My heart is overflowing with gratitude for the wonderful thing that he is doing. Before school had stopped for the holidays he heard the story of the man that started out with a red paperclip and kept trading up(Kyle).  He ended up with a house! […]

How to reduce our carbon footprint

I was thinking today how we all make an impact on others by whatever we do or do not do. One of the things I started doing years before it became fashionable was to recycle. This then took me into using Eco bags made of Jute and Cotton before the big supermarkets came on board […]


I hope this finds you well and coping with our very unsettled weather both here in the UK and elsewhere. No one ever becomes an expert at life. We all still learn new things on a daily basis. I recently took part in a Happiness workshop run by Lauren Robertson. She had me looking at […]

Puppy update.

I can’t believe 3 weeks has passed since I brought my puppies home. I thought long and hard about bringing them into my life as I work all day but things worked out even better than I anticipated. I was going to use a company for a few weeks to come in durng the morning […]